Bespoke Designs

Bespoke Designs

Due to the experience gained over 23 years working within the industry, Autoflo have become a market leader from the concept through to design and manufacturing of Bespoke Handwashing and associated systems. Customers often have an idea which is specific to their needs. As a company we use a Solidworks design package, where we are able to produce a 3D model of their concept or design.

Once designed we are able to provide the customer with a 3D model which they can look at, take apart to look inside and see the inner workings. Once these concept and design drawings have been approved, we can produce full working drawings with the use of Solidworks.

From these drawings a variety of finished parts can be produced either as mould tools, laser cut or CNC punch parts.

File formats can be exported directly from Solidworks to manufacturing machines to produce these finished parts.

With the use of Solidworks all parts can be assembled together and then with the use of an evaluation, interference and clearance verification tools, final assembled parts can be produced without the need of manufacturing prototype parts.

See below the video showing the 3D Solidworks model and on the right the finished assembled product.