The Autoflo Autosensor is the success of the handwash systems. Present throughout the range the autosensor provides touch free technology, combining water and electric to produce a perfect handwash water temperature instantly.

The autosensor can be installed complete to existing systems to provide touch free handwashing with ease, and excellent value for money.

Installation could not be easier with direct connections to a mains water supply using standard 15mm pipework. The electrical connection requires a rear cable entry.

Technical Specifications

  • Unique design requiring only a cold water feed and a 13 amp electrical supply.
  • Turn water on or off with the wave of your hand using the infra red sensor.
  • The votex spray head produces a concentrated spray for the ultimate cleaning of hands.
  • High efficiency creates water savings of up to 80% compared to standard taps with a 20 second auto shut off feature.
  • The 3kW unit produces handwashing temperature of 40-43°C
  • Simple to install and operate, the Autoflo Autosensor has revolutionised handwashing.


• Height – 229mm
• Width – 124mm
• Depth-90mm
• Spout length – 160mm

User Documentation

Autosensor Technical Specification

Removing & Replacing the Autosensor

Removing & Replacing the Thermal Cut-Out

Replacing Autosensor PCB

Replacing the Autosensor Solenoid Valve